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Justin Pioche is an Ashihii Dine' who is born for the Bit'ahnii people and the owner of the Pioche Food Group. At an early age, his first experience of amazing food came from his grandmother Lorene. With a simple piece of hot frybread, and pea soup made from fresh produce planted in her garden, he was hooked.  During his Senior year in high school, he placed 3rd at a National competition for cooking and went on to become a proud graduate of the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. With many mentors that include Executive Chef Beau MacMillan of Sanctuary on Camelback in Paradise Valley, Kevin Binkley of Binkley's, Chef Brandon Gauthier of Confluence in Cave Creek and Chef Ryan Pitt of Josephine in downtown Phoenix, Justin feels he has learned from some of the best. Possessing a passion that continues to grow along with his respect for his people's history, he aims to learn as much as possible while maturing and developing his own style of cooking. Navajo food is definetly more than survival food to him. It is the essence for healing, beauty, and humilty

Matthew 8:26

Catering Team Pioche'.. me and the two b

PFG with our biggest fan, Mom

Soo ready for the next chapter in my lif
Meet Tia

A world traveler with trips to Israel, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, England, Africa, and more; she is the definition of a free spirit.

The baby girl of the Pioche family, she also has the biggest heart of us all. She is the face of PFG and continues to build her resume' while attending San Juan College pursuing a degree in Business Administration. 

When she is not busy with her head in the books, she is training kickboxing downtown Farmington at Jackson's Four Corners MMA gym. 

The experience of fine dining at the right side of her brother helps mature her palate and continues to help her grow as a fellow gourmand. 



Psalms 46:10

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